An Introduction to Islamic Azad University Ahar Branch

An Introduction to Islamic Azad University Ahar Branch

In 1993, Islamic Azad University of Ahar took the stage with the approval of the central organization of the University and the assistance of local authorities by getting the establishment license. This branch has given acceptance to students in two fields of Computer Science and Electronic in associate degree in a leased building of Education and thence commenced its academic and educational activities. Owing to this cultural movement and the accompaniment of the Board of Trustees and Authorities, and by the procurement of land for the construction of an educational complex and the commencement of construction and operations, the first phase of the Ahar Unit Complex was completed in October 1997. Currently, Islamic Azad University, Ahar Branch with a very large organizational level has more than 4,500 students in 131 fields of study; 13 in PhD., 65 in Master Degree, 53 in BA and Associate degree, and there are 118 full-time faculty members, one associate professor, and 54 assistant professors, and 32scholarships. It is worth mentioning that; this branch is the largest training complex in Arasbaran and northeast of East Azarbaijan province in Ahar city. The university now has three colleges approved by the Humanities, Engineering and Basic Sciences, it has also two central and human libraries, and more than 53,000 volumes of books with titles and specializations in humanities, engineering, basic sciences, medicine, and reference books are available in Persian and Latin languages. It is safe to claim that this central library of Islamic Azad University, Ahar Branch, is one of the largest and most comprehensive libraries in the northeastern Arasbaran province which are great resources for Enthusiasts and scholars and research enthusiasts. Another advantage of this library is that it provides the students and the professors with Internet site both for females and males separately. The Digital Library of the Islamic Azad University of Ahar Branch has also been established and enthusiasts can benefit from this library. In order to benefit the professors and students from the scientific environment and the Farsi and Latin reference books, and other general books available at the university, recently, the Central Library and the Humanities Library have been prepared with a study space of more than 800 meters. At present Young Researchers Club has more than 100 members, nine of which are members of the brilliant talents of the Central Organization of Islamic Azad University and more than 20 inventions have been registered. The university has also three journals (in form of quarterly). The journal of Geographic Space is scientific research, while the journals of chemistry in the environment and artificial intelligence are scientist- specialized. The university has already published 15 volumes of books written by full-time professors. In the laboratories section, more than 100 laboratories and workshops with equipment and devices equipped with modern technologies have been set up within which professors, students and researchers can benefit from their facilities for research and exploration. Also, 10 Mb/ps educational and Internet sites and the Wireless system have been launched for the benefit of the all professors and students. Islamic Azad University, Ahar Branch, is located in an area of 18 hectares and 65,000 square meters of infrastructure in the form of 16 educational, research, welfare and cultural buildings, sports, 8 industrial and service sections, hence it is the largest Arasbaran educational complex in East Azarbaijan province.

University President
Dr. Ali Salimi Shamloo